Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hall Green Arts Forum Surgery - Thurs 23 May, 6.30pm Ort Cafe

Hello all artists, organisations and groups,

Just a quick reminder that the next Art Surgery will take place tomorrow evening. St Paul's Community Development Trust is now leading the Local Arts Forum and we want to find out from you what projects and events are taking place throughout the summer months and later in the year. The surgery is your forum to share your ideas and make contacts so please share this information with your colleagues if you are based or work in any of the Hall Green districts of Balsall Heath, Sparkbrook, Springfield, Moseley, Kings Heath and Hall Green

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Hall Green Arts Forum Surgery
Thursday 23 May, 6,30pm
Ort Cafe 
500-504 Moseley Rd, 
Balsall Heath, 
B12 9AH

Friday, 3 May 2013

Hello World

Hello World!

I am Ian Edwards and I work for St. Paul’s Community Development Trust in Balsall Heath, where I have been involved in all aspects of arts and cultural activities for the last 30 years.

St. Paul’s has recently taken over the coordinating role for the Hall Green Arts Forum from Marcus, who has done sterling work over the last year. It is my intention to aid the Forum to build on the links and cooperation that Marcus put in place during his year as coordinator. I am sure you will all join me in thanking Marcus for the work he has done helping to raise the profile of arts & cultural activities in Hall Green.

The Future

I am very interests to know what people would like out the HGAF and how we can reach out to potential new members. Your thought will be very welcome!

I am also keen to know about any plans or dates for events, activities installations, exhibitions, plays, workshops or anything else of a vaguely arty or cultural nature, so that I can help advertise it to the widest possible audience.

Save The Date!

I am hoping that we can hold the next Arts Surgery on the evening of 23rd May, I will send out an invitation as soon as we have a venue!

How To Find me

If anybody wants to say hi, I can be contacted through this blog, @stpaulstrust, or 0121 464 4376.