Monday, 29 October 2012

Mobile arts on KH Square

Mobile arts units was well used by young people on Kings Heath Square this Friday.  All Saints Youth Project have been running workshops throughout the week of half term, and for the final day, the mobile unit supported activities.  In the morning a stay and play group from All Saints Community Centre ran halloween activities outside, swiftly followed by a local band from the youth club.  Later on Meddy Ranks ran drum workshops from the unit.  It was also an opportunity to meet up on a cold day and have some fun.

For me, it was great to see young people on the square in half term playing music and just hanging out.  Young people in Kings Heath are seen as responsible for so many of the 'problems' in Kings Heath, while at the same time youth services, library services and other activities are being either cut or reduced.

On November 5th Kitchen Garden Cafe will host a debate on problems in in Kings Heath and what we can do, hosted by University of Birmingham.  Key issues already identified in our area has been road safety and anti-social behaviour.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ort Surgery

A fanastic night at Ort Gallery for our art surgery.  Over 30 people attended for lively discussion about car culture, flamenco guitar, scrap sculpture, anglo-saxon storytelling, eco house design for 21st century, space exploration, family life, the shape of Balsall Heath and Kings Heath of the future, Art InsideOutside, art all over the place, graphics and cartoons...I've missed a few, but as someone put on their comment, there were a lot of very interesting folk there.  Also a great exhibition in the gallery, wine and nuts (thanks David), night of music (see video clip) after.

We've added quite a few more names to our mailing list, and was an excellent opportunity to discuss plans for the next six months, with the presentation of our Interim Report.  Also sad news that Tony Spencer can no longer be our Drum contact, through long term injury - we all wish him well.  However Ian Sergeant will be stepping in, and sure we'll all be getting to know him better soon.

Below are some intersting links to some of people there - please add to the list if you can.  Also a few comments and pictures

Arts all over the place

Balsall Heath Biennale

Ort Gallery & InsideOut Exhibition

Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration

Traditional Arts Team

David Hunter , one of the artists in Ort Exhibition