Thursday, 20 December 2012

Xmas Art and Craft at KHCC

Playgroup at KH Community Centre had a special visitor today - none other than Father Christmas popped in with some pressies and was swiftly followed by our Christmas art and craft fete.  8 stalls offered a range of goodies from fairy cakes to quilted pin boards, from star cushions to melted record bowls, with a range of activities for all the family.  Attended by around 100 people

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sun shines on Hall Green winter market

Steve Gove-Humphries, Chair of forum and event coordinator
introduces the day

A glorious day at Hall Green winter market, with over 500 people attending over the course of the day.  

HGA provided BCC 'Arts on the move' bus where Meddy Ranks performed all afternoon - Jamaican international superstar you will be able to catch next at Edgewood Hall for a Festive Party.  From the start he improvised on the spot singing celebrating all things Hall Green and at the winter market.

Moseley Village Band and Catriona Heatherington provided music and storytelling in the Library all afternoon too.  There was balloons, jokes, art & craft, Punch'n'Judy, facepainting, and a great range of market goods - for more of the market and other of the activities organised by Hall Green Neighbourhood Forum, see We Are B28.

Monday, 3 December 2012

HG Library Art Surgery

Our next art surgery will be in Hall Green Library - please join us.  Turn up when you like, stay as long as you like.  Custard creams provided.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hall Green Convention Youth Services

Image from 2011, youth centres were under threat
Pete Hobbs, Hall Green District Service Integration Head and South Bham college arranged a Hall Green 'youth service convention'.  Represented there were nearly all the councillors from all our wards, representatives from the Police and other services, all the area's senior BCC youth workers (hub and spokes), a few more representatives of related services for youths, sprinkling of senior school reps and a couple of voluntary sector youth people.

A series of presentations (see twitter notes below in reverse chronological order - sorry, will have to work that one out better someday)

It was particularly nice for me to see so many familiar faces, and none less than Cllr Sue Anderson, who opened my first exhibition with Rosemary Lodge Residential Home on Alcester Road, Kings Heath some fourteen years ago (as Birmingham Lord Mayor of the time, 1999).  Also saw Claire from my days as Billesley Annexe Youth worker in the last century, or so it feels.  I tried to find an image of the Billesley Annexe - only images were on BNP site.  Also got to find out sad demise of Youthwise.

On a bit of tangent, I've been doing a bit of research into road safety for 'Car Culture' project in our schools - in 1973 Councillor Theresa Stewart (Lord Mayor in 2000) led a campaign after tragic death of 6 yr old Neil Potter in Maypole, leading to a proliferation of crossings for pedestrians across Birmingham under our first female Lord Mayor, Marjorie Brown (who also opened the soon-to-be-demolished Central Library).  If anyone knows anything about this campaign to make roads safe, Birmingham Campaigns for road safety, or Marjorie Brown, please let me know.

Great to see so much will to sort out the problems across the political divides - It'll take some pretty creative partnerships to sort out youth service provision on a shoestring over coming months...

 cllr Anderson women in education achieving better than men
 Anderson worrying gender gap b
 cllr Anderson we need to make opportunities in count
 cllr sue Anderson fortunate in  to have so many opportunities for young people
 Twells schools developing new relationships with local businesses
 Sue Twells are school governors representative of their community?
 Sue Twells are governors willing to support ALL the children in their area?
 Sue Twells governors are the important decision makers in schools
 sue twells more autonomy of schools, academies part of wider movement
 sue Twells changing landscape of education
 Collins about prioritising, targeting partnership and more general changing perceptions
 Collins close work with Police. Lot of moustashes. Should I ask if Movember tashes?
 Nikki Collins community safety - partnership Services and voluntary. 'intelligence' driven
 Cole cannot achieve without partnership
 Cole no longer a universal  service  but is still open access
 Cole explains new hub and spoke model
 Cole highlights youth bus for outreach
 ness Cole area youth officer intro youth provision
 cllr Evans we are national pilot green community and youth
 cllr Evans schools have key role, link with  and beam uni
 Pete Hobbs New opportunities within district
 Pete Hobbs asks how involve  ? What priorities in your ward?
 Pete Hobbs overview of Clean and Green
 Pete Hobbs gives overview - emphasis on positive impact of services
Cllrs Rehman and Trickett give intro
at Hall Green district convention for  and young folk.